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Rely on our very informative and friendly staff to help you get the best deals. Get all the assistance you need for domestic and traveling abroad, cruises and tours, F.I.T. (Foreign independent travel).


When booking a trip it is important that we have the exact spelling of your name as it appears on your passport or ID.  Name changes can be expensive.  Here is a link to a list of acceptable IDs for domestic travel.  

Exact spelling of your name

3-1-1 Liquids carried onboard must be in 3 Oz bottles, fit in 1 quart zip lock bag, and limited to one bag per person.


Declare larger liquids. Medications, milk and food for babies, and breast milk are allowed in reasonable quantities exceeding the three ounces (100 mg) and are not required to be placed in hermetically sealed bags.  Declare these items so that they are inspected at the checkpoint.

The officers may open these items to carry out additional inspections.

TSA tips for carry-ons

While traveling travelers with certain disabilities and medical issues also need to be aware of some important traveling rules. It is necessary to follow these rules from the security perspective.

Check out these rules and ensure that you are traveling safe.

Travelers with disabilities and medical concerns (including helpful videos)

Are you traveling with special items like firearms, camera equipment, musical, instruments, hunting and fishing equipment? Check out some helpful guidelines and information you need to know before transporting these special items from the security perspective.

Traveling with special Items (firearms, camera equipment, musical instruments, hunting and fishing equipment, etc.)

Should you get travel insurance?  Travel insurance is available for trip interruption, cancellation, and medical care.  Travel insurance generally costs from 4% to 8% of the total trip. Cost is based on the length of trip, destination, and age of policy holder.


Travel insurance

Are you traveling with your children who are 12 or below 12 years old? Learn about all the traveling rules that are applicable to your kids for safe and comfortable traveling. Check out all the information we have for you that you need to understand before you start traveling with your little ones.


Traveling with children (including helpful videos)

Learn about the benefits and assistance that TSA provides to U.S. personnel during traveling. Get all the information including assistance for veterans and wounded warriors, benefits for US armed forces, screening and packing tips, transport of weapons by individual soldier or by a military unit and military member gate passes.


Know about all your religious and cultural needs while traveling. We will provide you with all the information starting from search options to the kind of garments you can wear, search rules for head coverings and ceremonial items.

Everyone loves carrying their favorite food to the place they are traveling to or bringing back gifts from their destination for their loved ones. But it is very important for you to know what food you can carry and what gifts you can bring back. Let us help you know what you can and can't bring through the checkpoint.


Packing food and gifts

When traveling, it is important that you know everything about safe traveling. Check out our tips for safe traveling. Ensuring that you have all the batteries and devices that you might need while traveling is our priority.

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Improve your traveling experience by following some very important traveling rules. Learn about the security guidelines you need to be aware of before you start traveling. Make sure you get all the details on what you will need - necessary devices, clothes, passport, etc. Add more fun to your traveling experience by following certain simple and important rules. My Ticket 2 Travel, LLC of Macon, GA has been in the travel business for 26 years and has been running a travel agency for the past 6 years. We are insured by Berkley Care. Check out the following list of guidelines and rules we have for you and make your holiday experience a memorable one.

Important and Simple Tips for a Fun Vacation

Safe travel with batteries and devices

Religious and cultural needs

Accommodations for U.S. military personnel

Passports cost around $165 for adults and take approximately 4-6 weeks from date of application. Expedited services are available. This link will help you find a passport location and answer your questions.